El Jesús – Playa de El Jurado

The hiking tour starts about 16m. below the Ermita de El Buen Jesús (hermitage of the good Jesus), which was placed under official cultural protection in 1994. We follow the hiking path PR LP 12.2, which becomes gradually narrower, through the Barranco del Jurado in the direction of the sea. The path crosses a paved road called Carretera de Las Palmeras, and then passes by a modern house where we turn right, going up to the road again. At this point, we follow the path that continues to the left, passing through sorrel trees, periploca scrub and agaves, as well as farm land with avocado trees and banana plantations. At the bottom of the ravine we can see the Pozo del Jurado spring, now covered with cement blocks. This water source is one of the symbols of the extreme effort made by the people of Tijarafe to obtain drinking and irrigation water. Here we find a traditional coastal settlement built around a small mooring that once was used to receive and send out merchandise, including salt and fresh fish. If we go down the edge of the right hand side of El Jurado, following a meandering path, we can enjoy nice views over the ravine and the coast of Tijarafe, with El Proís de Candelaria only half an hour walk away. We end the tour in the Morro de las Salinas, which is an easily recognizable ridge that rises from the coast. A path that runs around the ridge also offers lovely views over the coast, the ravine with the Pozo del Jurado and El Proís de Candelaria. Further down, the lookout of El Pozo Viejo (the old spring) is located.