Ermita de Tinizara – Refugio de Tinizara

The hike starts at the Ermita de Tinizara, built in 1954. Along the way, we will be able to observe many examples of the traditional rural architecture, with its basic pattern of a rectangular ground shape, thick dry stone walls, tea wood carpentry and the four-pitched roof. Halfway along the route, we find the old school of Tinizara. Before the main road was built, mid-twentieth century, any movement was either made on foot, or on horseback if the road would allow it. Nowadays, we use the hiking paths for pleasure or for sport. Understandably, the farmers would concentrate as many services as possible in their small, rural settlements, and the school was one of them. This is why, in the old days, every neighbourhood had its own, small school. During the hike, we also pass by the relatively new public recreational area of Llano del Lance, which offers us a peaceful resting and picnic place. The park includes barbecues, toilets, drinking water, a children’s playground, tables and benches, and a large parking lot. At the end of the hike, the landscape is dominated by vineyards. In the last decade, vine growing has increased, mainly because of the installation of a nearby wine production and sales center in the neighbourhood of Aguatavar. The hiking path ends at the crossroads with the PR LP 10, known as La Traviesa.