Tierras Viejas – Mirador de Garome

The hike starts at the Tierras Viejas (old lands), a couple of meters above the Centro de Enseñanza Obligatoria de Tijarafe, the local primary and secondary school, and ends at the Mirador de Garome lookout. During the hike, the Casa de Pedro Pérez (house of Pedro Pérez) can be seen, a perfect example of rural colonial architecture. Halfway along the hike, after passing through the Cuesta de los Espinos (slope of hawthorns), we find the Cruz de los Espinos, where once a celebration was held every year in honor of this cross. A little bit further on this Camino Real (royal road), a beautiful view can be enjoyed at the Mirador (lookout) de La Baranda, situated in front of the Pino de La Baranda (pine tree of La Baranda). Both have taken their name from an old railing, made of the local “tea” wood, that once stood here. We can still see the rectangular holes of the railing. Almost at the end of the hike, the Cruz de Tinizara (the cross of Tinizara) can be seen, in remembrance of the death of Manuel Barreto Hernández in 1933, during one of the cross celebrations. The hiking path ends at the Mirador de Garome. Underneath this view point, is one of the most beautiful ensembles of Barbusano laurel trees of the island. These trees, that normally form part of the evergreen laurisilva vegetation areas of the island, grow in the darkest recesses of the steep slopes of the ravine. Their fruit is an important source of food for many birds, including the endemic laurel pigeon. The lookout offers a marvelous view into the Barranco Garome ravine, the magnificent frontier between the municipalities of Tijarafe and Puntagorda.