Full Moon Trail

Full Mountain Trail is framed within the Spar Cup of mountain races.
Put your trainers on and start running through the paths and the forest trails of the town.
Then, live a Night of Enchantment beneath the moonlight and a canopy of stars.
Put the Moon beneath your Feet.

This challenge is proposed as a mountain and half distance paths race. Runners should carry their own and complete stuff, including food and drinks. Moreover, some provisioning points will be spread throughout all the tour.

There are three types of paths, these being:
1. GR -Gran Recorrido- (Long Distance, painted in white and red);
2. PR -Pequeño Recorrido- (Short Distance, painted in yellow and white;
3. SL -Sendero Local- (Local Path, painted in green and white.

Painted and wooden markers are the unique signs that the participants will find throughout all the tour.