Cruz del Llano – Barranco de Jieque

This hike starts in El Pinar, in the neighbourhood of El Jesús, taking the GR 131 hiking path from the Cruz del Llano to Risco de las Pareditas. This road is locally known as the Camino de La Fuente de Trajocade (the road of the Trajocade spring). After leaving behind El Brezal, it crosses the Barranco La Fuente (canyon of the spring) where this natural water source can be reached. To see the spring of the Trajocade one must leave the hiking path and follow the Camino de La Piedra del Quinto road. Back on the hiking path, the route continues over the bed of the ravine and then up the Cuesta de Los Pasitos. Special care should be taken not to slip on the dry pine needles that cover the ground. The slope ends on the Topo de La Cabezada and from there the hike continues through the ravine Las Tosquitas to reach La Vereda de Jieque or Vera de Jieque, a view point overlooking the higher part of the canyon of El Jurado. The hiking path then leads to the Cuevas de Jieque (caves of Jieque), the Lomo de El Pino (ridge of the pine tree) and, over the Pista de Linares (dirt road of Linares), to the Cueva Gacha (Gacha cave), which is located in the ravine bed. From here the tour follows the hiking path PR LP 10 from La Travesía to Briestas until reaching a steep path that goes up in a zig-zag manner. The path ends at the highest point of the slope, offering a beautiful view over the Barranco de Jieque and the mountains of this municipality. The view point is known as La Cueva de Las Narcisas (cave of the Narcisa women) because in the past the women of this family would spend the summer up here with their cattle.