Tierras Viejas – Proís de Candelaria

We begin the hike at the start of the Carretera de Miranda road, which goes all the way down to the Proís de Candelaria (the Candelaria mooring). During the hike, we’ll be able to see at the right-hand side of the Barranco (ravine) de Candelaria, the Cueva de la Virgen (cave of the virgin). According to the legend the statue of the Virgen de Candelaria stood here until it was taken up to the newly built church in 1530. During our hike down we pass by a group of caves. After several turns the path reaches a crossroads near the ravine bed of Barranco del Pueblo, also known as Barranco de Candelaria, where the Barqueros cave is located. After the last of the 41 turns of this path down, we enter the Bahía (bay) del Proís. The Proís de Candelaria itself is a gigantic hollow space in the cliffs, with little caves and dwellings built into its sides. The path takes us all the way into this enormous cavity, along the cottages and the water well, to the mooring. In a small cavity in the rocks the Virgen del Carmen can be seen.