Pozo de Tinizara

The water well of Tinizara is situated at the mouth of the ravine “Barranco de Garome”, in the neighbourhood Tinizara. Around it, there are 38 dwellings in the form of caves in the canyon walls, closed by walls and doors, and some with a wooden balcony.

The well is located on a pebble stone beach that sometimes also has a sandy area. A small stairway gives access to the sea, and thus to the boats anchored there. Like all the other coastal settlements of the area, in the old days, the brackish well attracted the people and their animals in times of drought.

The road down to the well is located near the recreational area of Tinizara, near the ravine “Barranco de Garome”. The road down is long and sinuous, until it reaches the point where the asphalt ends. With an all-terrain vehicle the dirt road can be followed to the parking lot. From there it is a 20 minute hike down to the “Pozo de Tinizara”.