El Jesús – El Time

The starting point of this route is the Ermita de El Jesús (hermitage of El Jesús), since 1994 under official protection as Bien de Interés Cultural. Its simple architecture reflects the humble character of the people of this rural area. A hiking path leads to the Plaza de La Pestana, where the Cruz de La Pestana (cross of La Pestana) is located. Sorrel trees, periploca scrub, fig cactus and almond trees dominate the landscape, as the path continues to the Fuente del Toro (the spring of the bull), which once was used by the locals to obtain drinking water for man and animal alike, and to wash their clothes. Now the water source is surrounded by a recreational area, a public resting and picnic place, ideal for the hiker. From here, the path continues to the neighbourhood of Arecida, passing by the old primary school of El Jesús, built in traditional Canary fashion, and leading through the river bed of a small canyon. In the small rural settlement of Arecida there are several old houses with colonial architecture, heritage of the immigration to and from Cuba. Next to the main road, an old, two-story building in colonial style can be seen, known as El Casino. It was once the community dance hall where local celebrations would take place. The hiking path continues to the Lomo de los Cardos, a easily recognizable ridge because of the adorned cross on the top, as is customary here, and from there to the Plaza de La Punta where a centenary cross can be seen. The hike ends at the Mirador del Time lookout, offering a wonderful view over the harbour of Tazacorte, Los Llanos de Aridane, the canyon of Las Angustias, the coast of La Punta and, to the left, the National Park Caldera de Taburiente.