El Time – Albergue de El Pinar

This route starts at the Mirador del Time lookout and goes up to El Gamonal, between sorrel trees, caster oil plants, fig cactus and periploca scrub. Following the GR 131 hiking path, the hike leads through the neighbourhood of La Punta with its banana plantations, and reaches the Cruz del Time outlook from where the Aridane valley and the Caldera de Taburiente can be seen. From here, the hike follows a path up to Las Cabezadas, on the way passing by almond trees, cactus, Canary cottages and old cisterns. Higher up, vineyards, loquats, and Canary pine trees (a unique species that revives after forest fires) can be seen, until reaching the Torre del Time, with its lookout offering a view over the Caldera de Taburiente National Park.

The path then follows the forest road until reaching el Pinar, a small rural settlement belonging to the neighbourhood of El Jesús. From here, the hiking path SL TJ 71 leads to the Cruz del Llano, a crossroads where, in the past, the farmers would rest on their way home after a day of hard work. Every summer a celebration is held here in honour of the cross that is located next to the crossroads, the Cruz del Llano. Following the narrow road down, the path reaches its final destination, the Albergue de El Pinar (the hostel of El Pinar), which used to be the nursery of El Jesús.