Amagar – Mirador de Las Cabezadas

The hiking tour starts at about 90 m. above the Cruz de Amagar, to the left of the main road LP-1, at kilometer 58.7. The path leads to La Piedra del Guanche, the highest point of the outlook Mirador de Las Cabezadas and, together with the Roque de los Muchachos, one of the places with the widest views of the island.

Part of this hiking path runs along a Camino Real (Royal Road) which, after thirty-two turns, reaches the Alto del Time.
Along the path, four lookouts can be found, offering lovely views of the region, the National Park Caldera de Taburiente, the Aridane valley and the west coast of the island.

At one of the view points stands the Cruz del Time (cross of El Time). According to legend, one dark night a woman descended the path with her sick child in her arms. To be able to see, she used the wood of the cross to make a torch. After her son had recovered, she went up to replace the cross. It is said that, since that day, a mysterious light can be seen on some nights, moving along the path, reminding of the courage of the mother.

The hiking tour ends at the Mirador de las Cabezadas. The highest point of this lookout is La Piedra del Guanche, remembering Atogmatoma, the last native chief of Tijarafe.